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duct cleaning bramptonWe are Entire Duct Cleaning and we provide professional duct cleaning services in Brampton, Ontario as well as Toronto and all cities within a 50 km radius of Toronto including Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax, Vaughan, North York, Richmond Hill, Scarborough.

Our team of professionals makes sure that the air you breath inside your home or office is clean and pollutant free. We provide duct cleaning services for residential and commercial properties to help eliminate irritants, allergens and pollutants to ensure the air you breathe is pure and safe. We take great pride in our craft and our highly experienced team uses specialized machines and tools such as vacuums, brushes, and blowers to thoroughly clean the supply, intake, as well as return ducts in homes and commercial buildings. Aside from that, we also do a thorough cleaning of the registers, air handler, motors, housings, fans, grilles, and coils of the heating, ventilation, and HVAC system.

An Overview of Duct Cleaning

Indoor air pollution can be just as hazardous as outdoor air pollution so it’s important that you pay attention to the air inside your homes and offices and keep a check on its quality. Duct cleaning helps in removing indoor air pollution and allergens and irritants to ensure the air circulating in your home is pure. The process includes cleaning various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.

These components can easily get contaminated if not cleaned after a certain amount of time. Many pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke, debris can enter your homes ductwork and have the potential to cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Moreover, if moisture is present in the ductwork components, it can lead to the growth of harmful microbial growth. To ensure the removal of these harmful pollutants and have the air circulating in your home be clean and pure, duct cleaning is the perfect solution.

When Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Although there’s no wrong time to get your ducts cleaned, we recommend that you definitely get your ducts cleaned as soon as possible in the following cases:

· You’ve made renovations to your home or office

Remodeling of homes and offices entail many tasks such as drilling, painting, carpeting etc., during which harmful pollutants may get clogged in the ducts. It’s recommended that you get your ducts cleaned after you make significant renovations to your home or office space.

· Moving into a new house or office

When moving to a new house or office, you never really know when the previous owners had their ducts serviced or even if at all. And in the cases where the property is newly built, there are more chances of contaminants inside your air ducts due to the construction work that took place. So we advise looking into duct cleaning when moving into a new space.

· Mold problems

If you sense or smell mold or can visibly see it growing around your ductwork components, your ductwork needs serious attention. If this applies to you, you need to call a professional duct cleaning company asap!

· You have a pet that sheds hair

While we love our dogs and cats, their hairs can causes issues for human health if their fur particles get airborne after passing entering your ductwork. If you have pets, you need to get duct cleaning done more frequently. We recommend every 2 to 3 years.

· Residents are becoming ill or allergic

If your family members or colleagues are getting sick easily and frequently then there might be containerization in the ductwork system of your home or office. The pollutants that can get lodged in ducts can have adverse effects on human health causing allergies and respiratory issues.

· Contaminants are visible around the ducts

If you can see contaminants growing inside or around the ducts or particles frequently floating in the room, it’s a sign that your ducts are not clean and they a cleaning session.

· Animal infestation

If there’s any trace of animal infestation or nesting in your ducts, you should look into the immediate removal of them and cleaning of your ductwork system.

· Significant time has passed by since your last cleaning

You should also consider having your ducts cleaned simply because ductwork components get dirty over time and should be cleaned occasionally. If it’s been more than 2 years since your last duct cleaning, it may be time for your next cleaning session.

What Are The Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should get your ducts cleaned:

· Clean indoor environment

Similar to outdoor pollution, indoor pollution exists too! And the ductwork system in your home and office are important tools in combating a harmful indoor environment. Your duct system circulates the air from your cooling and heating system to the various part of your home multiple times a day. This is the air you live and breathe in and so should be clean and pure. Duct cleaning helps remove harmful items like dust, debris, and dirt and makes sure that they don’t find their way back into your home by recirculating.

· Removal of allergens

Duct cleaning removes the pollutants in your ductwork that can cause allergies and respiratory problems for you and your family members. Duct cleaning ensures the air in your home is pure and clean and resulting in a safe environment for the homes residents.

· Removal of microbial organisms

Duct cleaning helps in the removal of moisture in your ductwork which prevents in the growth of harmful bacteria and other microbial organisms.

· Removal of bad smells and odors

Is the air in your home smelling foul? Pets, food smells, smoking, mold etc. can lead to bad odors in your home. A deep cleaning of your air ducts helps in the removal of odor trapping particles, leading to a fresher smelling home.

· Increases the durability of your HVAC system

The dirtier your air ducts are, the harder your heating and cooling system needs to work to push air through and circulate it. There may come a time when you might need to replace your ducts instead of being able to clean and salvage them. Regular maintenance is significantly cheaper than having to replace your ducts completely and helps in increasing the durability of your HVAC system, preventing it from breaking down prematurely.

· Duct cleaning may increase electricity efficiency

Dirty and clogged ducts lead your HVAC system having to work much harder than required. This results into drawing more power which in turn, increases your monthly utility costs. If you’re noticing higher utility bills, you may need to pay more attention to your ductwork system.

At Entire Duct Cleaning we are always striving to give our customers the best experience. We’re here to answer all your queries regarding our duct cleaning services. If you live in Brampton or any of the cities falling within a 50 km radius of Toronto, contact us today at (416) 278-7661 for more information or fill the quote request form below.

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