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Duct Cleaning Costs

Duct cleaning services involve cleaning of home air ducts and other components including registers, grilles and diffusers, to ensure the air being circulated in the home is clean. Cleaning of the air ducts is important and should be done regularly. If these components are not maintained, some parts of the system might become contaminated with dust and other debris, which may lead to the growth of mold and microbiological organisms in the system.

It’s important to put into consideration the quality of services and the method of cleaning before hiring a duct cleaning company.

A reputable company might charge you for cleaning your air ducts in various ways, but no matter how the cost is being broken down, it is essential to make sure you are not charged per hour and avoid falling trap to any scams, which are unfortunately common in the duct cleaning industry.

We at Entire Duct Cleaning charge on the basis of the square footage and the type of home. We do not charge extra for vents and there are no hidden fees. After a proper cleaning from us, homeowners are usually good for a period of 2-3 years before requiring another session. In some cases, homeowners can also go on longer based on being in a favourable position when it comes to factors such as pets, amount of carpeting, how frequently air filters are changed etc.

We are committed to providing customers with cleaner air quality indoors for both commercial and residential units at affordable rates. We provide duct cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA and in cities falling within a 50 km radius of Toronto. Looking for a duct cleaning quote? Call us at  (416) 278-7661 for a quote today!

Factors that Affect Duct Cleaning Prices

The cost of duct cleaning is an expense that results in improved quality of your air and general wellbeing. Here are the cost factors to put in-check before taking a step to getting your ducts cleaned:

1. Size of Your Home/Building And Duct

The size of the duct depends on the distance where the air goes to the room, and the area it covers so this greatly depends on home size. If you are adding a room or the existing ducts can’t cover the intended area, you would need more ducts. The larger the structure, the more ducts are required, thus affecting the cost of cleaning.

2. Number of Furnaces

Larger homes tend to require more furnaces which leads to having more ducts installed and extra cleaning time which increases the cleaning cost.

3. Degree of Contamination

The level at which the duct is contaminated with debris and dust affects the cost of cleaning. The higher the wreckage, the more money you may need to pay for the cleanup.

There are also many factors that affect ductwork cleanliness such as the amount of HVAC usage, environmental factors etc. The rate at which the HVAC equipment is used affects the rate at which dirt and debris pile up in the duct, thus affects the rate of duct cleaning required as your air system gets dirty more easily. So turn off your HVAC system when not in use.

Your nature of environment also has a lot to contribute when it comes to considering the cleaning your air ducts. The more dust in the environment, the more time and money you spend cleaning the air ducts. Commercial buildings with heavy machines or those that manufacture items like papers or sawdust, clean their air ducts more often.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

If you are looking to get the best out of your furnace and create a clean home, it is necessary you have a proper and professional cleaning of your air ducts done. Clean air ducts are incredibly important as they determine the air quality in your homes. Below are some other benefits to getting your air ducts cleaned.

1. Improves the Quality of Air

Is there a musty smell you get when you switch on air ducting systems? Are you suffering from any respiratory problems? The air in your home may not be clean due to dirty air vents. Dirt from outside and inside the house can accumulate in your vents over time. So having professionals clean up your ducts will remove odor trapping particles.

2. Saves Cost of Maintenance

Reducing the dirt that builds up in your air ducts also reduces the consumption rate of your energy via your heating and cooling system, helping reduce your monthly energy bill.

3.  Increases the System Lifespan

Most air systems malfunction due to lack of routine maintenance. Having your ducts checked and cleaned routinely by a professional increase the life span of your air systems.

4. Improves Health

Air quality in our homes is essential in ensuring we don’t suffer from any allergies or illnesses as a result of inhaling dirty air. Dust and debris can easily find its way into air ducts, and if the air ducts are not cleaned up, contaminated air will circulate in our homes.

5. Eliminates Dirt To Improve Cleanliness of Your Home

Lots of dirt accumulating in your air systems causes streaks of dirt around the supply vent in the ceilings this also invites excess dust into our homes.

Cleaning air ducts can help improve the efficiency of electricity usage and as well provide quality air to your homes. The benefits it offers to homeowners, especially when it comes to cost efficiency, and the sensitive allergies are worth considering.

While comparing duct cleaning prices, make sure you look at reviews and find quality services and contact a qualified contractor to have your ducts checked and cleaned.

If you’re looking for duct cleaning prices and are located in Toronto or the GTA including Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough and all other cities falling within a 50 km radius of Toronto, call Entire Duct Cleaning today at  (416) 278-7661 for a cleaning quote!

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