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Ontario Duct Cleaning Services

Don’t leave your ductwork cleaning to chance. Leave it to the professionals and we will make sure it’s spick and span. At Entire Duct Cleaning, we take pride in providing impeccable service to our customers by providing the quality duct cleaning services.

We use modern machinery and employ highly-skilled and well-trained technicians. With our duct cleaning services for both residential and commercial spaces, we ensure better indoor air quality so you and your family can have a better and healthier environment.

We offer duct cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area, including Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Richmond Hill and all other cities falling within a 50 km radius of Toronto.


We can clean the ductwork of a variety of commercial environments. We service condominiums, daycares, office buildings, schools, retail spaces, and even recreational facilities.


Home is where the heart is and we make sure you’re healthy by providing residential duct cleaning solutions that eliminate irritants and contaminants.

What is Duct Cleaning?

It is the removal of debris, mold slime, dirt and other materials found in the ductwork and other components of the HVAC. Ductwork can sometimes become both the pathway and source of dust, dirt and other contaminants that can easily spread throughout the home. When this happens, duct cleaning is necessary.

Do You Need to Have Your Ducts Cleaned?

The answer is yes! Knowing what duct cleaning is will help you understand why it is something that needs to be done.

If someone in your home suffers from allergies, duct cleaning can help. If your ductwork has large amounts of dust, your ductwork needs to be cleaned. The buildup will eventually enter your home and could cause serious health issues and can also cause your HVAC system to not work properly.

Various HVAC manufacturers recommend having your ducts cleaned regularly and if you do not complete this regular cleaning, they may void your warranty. Always check your manual for your HVAC systems requirements.

Pros of Duct Cleaning

The main benefit of duct cleaning is that it provides better indoor air quality. There are many pros to having your ductwork professionally cleaned, the most important of which are the following:

1. Helps You Breathe Easier

Do you or someone in your home suffer from respiratory problems or chronic allergies? Your ductwork cleaning helps ensure that only clean air circulates in your home, making it easier for everyone to breathe. Even healthy people can easily start coughing and sneezing when dust and pollutants enter your home.

2. Promotes Better Air Flow

Ductwork and registers can easily accumulate a build-up of dust, as well as grime and these things can restrict the flow of air from the furnace and the air conditioner. When this happens, your system has to exert more effort to cool or heat your home. This means that there is a decreased level of efficiency. When you have a clean system, it works at an optimal level and you can save more dollars because your system works well.

3. Creates a Cleaner Environment

When professionals clean your ductwork, dust is reduced. When dust is not removed, it can enter your living space, settle on your furniture, floors, and your bedding. A thorough ductwork cleaning can reduce the amount of dusting and interior cleaning necessary to maintain a clean home.

4. Gets Rid of Unpleasant Smells

Every home has a unique smell but you wouldn’t certainly want a home that smells of dirty socks or other unpleasant smells. Many things cause stale smells in your air ducts and some of them are tobacco, paint fumes, molds, food preparation, household cleaning agents, and pets. These odors will repeatedly flow throughout your home if a detailed cleaning of the air duct is not performed.

5. Reduces Allergens and Irritants

Aside from dust, your air ducts are also likely to contain micro-organisms and contaminants. Toxins, bacteria, pet dander, mold spores, and mildew are likely to also be circulated in your home. People who have weak respiratory systems or those suffering from chronic asthma are very sensitive to these airborne particles. With a periodic and professional ductwork cleaning, you can reduce these allergens and irritants, keeping your home clean and smelling nice.

When Should Your Ductwork be Cleaned?

Your air ducts have one job to do and that is to circulate the air in your home. Duct cleaning, whether in residential areas or commercial buildings, help maintain your HVAC system. It prevents you from breathing in contaminants and allergens. How do you know if your ductwork needs cleanings? Here are the indicators which you need to know.

1. Mold

Mold is a health risk which should be taken seriously. Breathing in mold can make you sick and worsen other conditions, as well. People who suffer from respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma react strongly to mold. A duct system is a place that is dark and moist, making it the ideal place for mold. When airflow is restricted, mold will thrive. Regardless of where mold starts, your HVAC system will carry it throughout the house.

Even if you don’t see mold, you will be able to smell it. A tell-tale sign of mold is a sour smell or ammonia smell. If it smells worse when the HVAC system is on, don’t waste time and get your ductwork cleaned right away.

2. Rodents or Insects

It is not uncommon for rodents and other insects to find their way into your ductwork. They sometimes chew or tunnel their way into your HVAC system and this can lead to unpleasant smells in the house. Some pests spread disease. If you see any obvious signs of pests in your home, there is a very big chance that they are also present in your ductwork. Keep in mind that they also leave behind traces of waste that can end up being circulated in your home through the HVAC system.

If you smell something similar to rotten garbage, there might be a dead animal in your system or it could be part of a larger pest problem. Either way, you should have your ductwork cleaned right away.

3. Increased Energy Bills

If you notice your electricity bill skyrocketing for no apparent reason, you should have your ductwork looked at, especially if you have already tried adjusting the thermostat and changing the filter. Your ductwork may be the source of the buildup and it could be causing your system to overwork. You can easily restore your system by getting the professionals to check your ductwork.

4. Visible Dust

If you see dirt or dust coming out of your vents when you turn your HVAC system on, it is probable that it is quite a mess inside and needs to be cleared right away. The more dust and debris your ductwork has, the more you will be dusting and vacuuming to no avail. You will only be wasting your effort scrubbing your home clean.

Check your return registers and vents and open the vent covers. If you see matted dirt and debris, it is time to call the professionals. The longer you wait to have your ductwork cleaned, the more dirt and dust there will be in your home.

5. Increased Allergies in the Home

Although very few people can escape from seasonal allergies, you should be wary of allergies that don’t go away even as allergy season ends. There may be another issue causing people to cough and sneeze incessantly. Allergens, just like dust, can collect inside your ventilation system. Be warned if you have pets because your air filters can absorb shedding and dander and redistribute them throughout the home. The best way to get rid of allergens in the home is to have the ductwork cleaned and checked by professionals.

Choosing a Duct Cleaning Company

With the myriad choices available today, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and confused. How do you choose the right duct cleaning company for you?

  1. Avoid companies which make promises that are just to be good to be true, such as drastically reducing your energy bills by half. Remember that if it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.
  2. Refrain from ductwork cleaning companies which use chemicals when cleaning. Chemicals will also be circulated in the air and could pose great health risks for the family. At Entire Duct Cleaning, we use herbal products for cleaning.
  3. Check online reviews and go for companies that have a solid reputation.
  4. Make sure that the company has a license to operate.

We at Entire Duct Cleaning are committed to providing customers with cleaner air quality indoors for both commercial and residential units at affordable rates. We provide duct cleaning services in Ontario in Toronto and the GTA including Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough and all other cities falling within a 50 km radius of Toronto, call Entire Duct Cleaning today at  (416) 278-7661 for a cleaning quote!

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