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Let’s be honest, running a business is no small feat! This is particularly true in the current business world where entrepreneurs have to wear many hats. Not only do they have to keep their clients happy but they also have to maintain buildings, ensuring that they’re in a conducive environment for their workers. Many company owners can end up neglecting cleaning and proper maintenance of their commercial property, including duct cleaning. But this shouldn’t be the case as these air ducts are an integral part of your business. They’re responsible for the circulation of air through filters so it’s important they’re kept clean and regularly maintained.

Do you own a business but need help maintaining your ducts? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Entire Duct Cleaning, we provide the best commercial duct cleaning services to help keep your buildings in pristine condition. By enlisting our services, you can invest your time in more important things like running your business and be relieved of the headache of ensuring your space is clean.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Benefits

Air quality

Did you know that indoor air in some cases can be up to 10 times deadlier than outdoor air? Although this may come as a shock to many, it’s an avoidable situation. All you need to do is ensure you’re keeping up with your buildings routine checks and duct cleaning sessions, and you can improve the quality of indoor air.

If the ducts in your commercial building aren’t cleaned as frequently as they should be, they’ll collect a ton of dust and toxic particles, and as a result, your HVAC system will circulate air within your facility and distribute the dust and debris throughout the workspaces.


If you continue to neglect cleaning the ducts of your commercial building, your employees will be subjected to dust and harmful allergens. As a result, you may find more people suffering from allergies and health issues, having to miss work more often. With poor air quality, your employees are likely to suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, low performance and a lower immune system. Show your workers that you care about their health. Think of commercial duct cleaning as an investment in your workers and your business as a whole.


You may think that putting off your commercial duct cleaning is saving your business money. The truth is, you’re probably spending more than you should on utility costs. When dust accumulates, the HVAC systems are forced to work harder. This means they consume more energy, which in turn causes your electricity bills to skyrocket. Want to reduce your business utility costs? Simply enlist our commercial duct cleaning services. Sure, this will cost you money upfront, but think of all the savings you’ll make in the long-run. Besides, we’ll make this process as seamless as possible, so you won’t even have to shut down any of your business operations.


Another perk of getting your commercial ducts cleaned is that you’ll minimize the risk of hazards. This particularly goes for companies in the manufacturing industry. If you have such a plant, the ducts can collect toxic and combustible wastes. Reduce the risk of fire hazards and other threats by enlisting our commercial duct cleaning services.

How Often Should You Get Commercial Ducts Cleaned?

The recommended frequency for cleaning ducts in a commercial building is every year. But depending on your location or severity of the situation, you can clean even more often. In fact, for companies in the construction, textile, and food industries, regular duct cleaning is necessary.

How can you determine that your building needs a thorough duct cleaning service? Here are the main warning signs that indicate it’s time to get your ducts cleaned.

Unexpected increment in your utility bills

If your energy bills have been increasing at a surprising rate, and you can’t find any valid explanation for the hike, your ducts could be the culprit. Ideally, increased energy bills could be caused by clogs, leaks or other mechanical problems with your HVAC system.

But if you’ve had the system inspected and it seems to be in good condition, the next thing to consider are the ducts. As explained earlier, whenever dirt accumulates, it forces the HVAC system to work harder; hence, using up more energy.

Signs of rodents or insect infestation

Your electricity bill isn’t the only thing you should worry about if you’ve not been keeping up with commercial duct cleaning. Chances are, several rodent/insect species have already set up home within the ducts. Debris resulting from these infestations can cause your HVAC system not to work optimally. Even worse, the smell from the pests’ droppings will become highly unpleasant, forcing your employees to work in intolerable conditions.

And let’s not forget that rats and other rodents can spread airborne diseases -like hantavirus. You need to protect your workers and visiting clients or customers against them. If there’s a rodent infestation in your ducts, you shouldn’t take this issue lightly. It’s a serious health threat that you should resolve immediately.

Dirt and debris around your vents

If you’re beginning to notice a lot of dirt and debris accumulate on your vents, it’s likely that your commercial ducts need some cleaning. It’s vital that you schedule duct cleaning as soon as you can as the dirt and debris can trigger respiratory issues and allergies among your staff. The good thing is, we’re just a call away at (416) 278-7661 !

Visible mold growth

This problem is more common for business owners who live in humid areas. This is because the high levels of humidity or dampness in the atmosphere supply ample moisture for the growth of mold. Exposure to mold increases one’s risk of respiratory symptoms, bronchitis, rhino-sinusitis, asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. If you already have a weak immune system, mold exposure can aggravate your situation by making you more susceptible to serious infections.

To avoid lawsuits and boost your employees’ health, enlist in our services for duct inspection and cleaning.

Dust-covered air filters and air-return grilles

So you just installed a new air filter a couple of days ago, and it’s already covered in dust. If you’re experiencing this, there’s a high probability that the ducts are clogged. If the return air grilles are also constantly covered in coatings of dust, you might want to schedule a duct cleaning service.

How are Commercial Ducts Cleaned?

When you enlist our expert duct cleaning services, you’ll get a thorough cleaning that is far beyond what you and your employees can achieve from the daily cleaning duties.

Our team of cleaners use special equipment and have adequate training that enables them to remove all kinds of contaminants from your duct work.

A typical duct cleaning sessions starts off with a detailed assessment of the ducts. If there are hard-to-reach spots, our technicians use cameras to get a better view of those areas. Inspecting the duct work is a vital part of the process because it helps us determine whether your building is also infested by pests.

After inspection, the next step is to remove the loose dirt within the ducts. We then use a vacuum to suck up any stubborn coatings of dust. Some of the areas that our technicians focus on when cleaning entail the cooling coils and blower unit. They will also decontaminate the ducts using germ and odor killing products.

In addition to cleaning, our technicians also check the ducts for possible leaks. If there’s a leak at any spot in your duct system, it will cause a series of problems, and with it, massive inconvenience.

For one, it means that any heated or cooled air is escaping through the leaks, causing your furnace or air conditioner to have to cool/heat for a longer time. The end result is an increase in your energy bills. Leaky ducts also reduce the quality of indoor air.

All this shows just how important it is to get your duct system cleaned and inspected by a professional and on a regular basis.

The cleanliness of your commercial ducts has a huge impact on the productivity and health of the individuals working in these spaces. If you don’t get your ducts cleaned for a long time, your employees might end up suffering from allergies and respiratory issues. Plus, unclean ducts are the perfect recipe for a pest infestation.

Ensure your ducts are clean and working in optimal condition with commercial duct cleaning services with the help of Entire Duct Cleaning. Give us a call at (416) 278-7661 for a free duct cleaning quote today!

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