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Are you wondering whether you should clean your air ducts? Wondering if you’re overdue for your next cleaning session?

should i clean my air ductsAt Entire duct cleaning, customers’ are our top priority as we focus on providing high-quality professional duct cleaning services without compromising on quality. We offer commercial and residential duct cleaning services in the Toronto and GTA area and surrounding cities located within a 50km radius of Toronto.

The duct cleaning process involves cleaning various components of the air system within your home, including the return and supply air ducts and registers, cooling coils, drip pans, diffusers and grilles. We use modern duct cleaning equipment, such as brushes, vacuum, blowers, and brushes as well as a team of experts trained to use them to comb every inch of your ductwork. Clean ducts ensures that air circulation within your living spaces is pure to improve your comfort and health. Air ducts act as a passageway through which air from the HVAC system gets circulated to the rest of the indoor spaces within your home or business premises. This air is recirculated multiple times a day throughout the property. So to ensure it is pure and safe is high priority. Since clean air within your living spaces influences your health, your air ducts must be thoroughly cleaned periodically. We recommend undergoing a duct cleaning session once every 3-4 years or more (2-3 years) based on the presence of specific factors such as excessive carpeting, pets, residents that are smokers, recent renovations etc. 

The cleanliness of your air ducts is very critical for the health of your family. This is because they are the passageways for air to get in and out of your cooling and heating systems. Consequently, clean air ducts are necessary for the maintenance of your indoor comfort irrespective of the season. All the air circulating in your house passes through your ducts several times a day. The air circulating through your ducts is the same that you and your family breathe. Certainly, the quality of the air you breathe needs to be clean and of the highest quality possible. With our powerful vacuums, we can get rid of all debris and dust, thereby preventing them from recirculating in your home. 

Before making decisions related to your duct cleaning, it is important to take precautions usually considered when assessing a service provider’s reliability and competency. For this reason, we at Entire Duct Cleaning will provide you with all the information related to duct cleaning to help you make an informed decision. In this article, we look at the instances wherein duct cleaning is necessary and its importance as well as the frequency of duct cleaning to help you make informed decisions when it comes to maintaining the quality of your indoor air.

Instances Where Duct Cleaning is Necessary

Clean ducts considerably prevent indoor air pollution and improve the overall quality of the air you breathe in your home. There are several instances where it’s necessary to clean your air ducts immediately such as:

1. When Moving Into a New Home or After Completing a New House

A lot of dust and dirt is blown around when constructing a new home. Moreover, some debris can remain inside your ductwork. Therefore, it’s important to have your air ducts professionally cleaned before settling in such a house. Moving into a new home requires you to have the ducts thoroughly cleaned as it is difficult to know the last time they were cleaned by the previous owners.

2. Ducts That Are Infested With Vermin Such Insects or Rodents

Dirty ducts are safe havens for a host of rodents and insects. Such insects and rodents generate hair and wastes, which may further clog your air ducts and contribute to the spread of a filthy smell when your air conditioner and furnace are operating. Therefore, the presence of pests in your air ducts is a sign of dirty ducts that need to be cleaned.

3. Presence of Mold Growth Inside Your Ducts 

It’s important to note that mold growth may not be visible since most of your HVAC system components are not readily accessible for inspection. However, the presence of mold spores may cause allergies to you or your family.

4. Ducts Clogged With Excessive Levels of Debris and Dust

Such a scenario may be possible, especially where dirt and debris have been released into your home using the supply registers.

5. Your Routine Duct Cleaning Session is Overdue

It’s only logical to have your duct cleaned periodically and not wait until some of the extreme signs above start to show. Duct cleaning is a normal house maintenance practice. Logically, your air ducts will accumulate dust and dirt over time, hence the need to have them adequately cleaned by experts periodically, say, once in every three to five years. 

The presence of the above conditions may assist you to know when you need to have your ducts cleaned. Most importantly, it is recommendable to correct these problems before cleaning, replacing or retrofitting your ducts to prolong the period in which duct cleaning may be necessary again.  

Importance of Duct Cleaning

1. Clear of Debris and Dust

Air ducts tend to accumulate specks of dust and debris over time if left unattended. Dirty ducts are the main causes of constant dirt and dust in your living spaces no matter how often you clean your house. The air flowing into your home through dirty ducts ends up polluting your indoor spaces. Therefore, clean ducts improve your home’s cleanliness as air flowing through them is free from dust and debris.

2. Insect and Rodent Free 

Your home’s air ducts can be convenient places for spiders, cockroaches, rats and mice to hide, particularly if duct cleaning is not conducted regularly. Such insects and rodents can destroy your HVAC system while their dirt/waste and hair affects the quality of your indoor air. However, clean ducts are free from infestations from these insects and rodents, and this improves the quality of your indoor air as well as improve the lifespan of your HVAC system.

3. Clean Ducts Are Free From Mold

Clean ducts ensure that no mold grows in any part of your house. Therefore, your duct cleaning service provider needs to conduct a thorough inspection to identify any mold. If mold growth is found, an immediate duct cleaning session is recommended.

4. Reduction in Irritants and Allergens 

Besides dust and debris, your ducts may harbor harmful microorganisms and allergens if not cleaned for long. For instance, mildew, pollen grains, bacteria, and pet dander alongside other contaminants can accumulate in your air ducts, and this affects the quality of the air you breathe. Routinely cleaning your ducts can significantly improve your health and that of your family as it reduces your indoor air contamination.

5. Elimination of Unpleasant Odors 

The routine activities such as cooking and the presence of pets can lead to the accumulation of unpleasant smells within your home. Household cleaning detergents, mold, tobacco, and paint perfumes may contribute to stale odors in your air ducts. Every time your air conditioner or furnace is on, these stale smells get repeatedly blown to the rest of your living spaces. The use of air fresheners cannot eliminate such unpleasant smells. An accumulation of dirt and dust for years without proper cleaning may even damage your ductwork system to the extent that it needs replacement. Therefore, thorough cleaning of air ducts can eliminate all these trapped odors in your house, making your home smell fresh and the air you breathe pure.

6. Clean Ducts Improve the Cleanliness of Your Living Spaces and Air Quality 

When your air ducts haven’t been cleaned for long, dust and dirt gradually accumulates in your ductwork. When your cooling and heating systems are running, such dirt and grime are blown into your living spaces, settling on your beddings, flooring, and furniture. Therefore, having your ducts cleaned ensures that your home is clean and safe to live in. Low indoor air quality can adversely affect your family, especially children and adults with respiratory complications. Breathing air that is full of pollutants and dust can potentially trigger coughing, or sneezing as such air affects your bronchial congestion. Therefore, periodic duct cleaning will ensure that the air you breathe in your house is always healthy and free from pollutants. 

How Often Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

It is recommended to have your air ducts cleaned by experts at least once every 3-5 years. We recommend cleaning more frequently (a session every 2-3 years) if you have pets, excessive carpeting or residents that are smokers.

If you’re facing issues such as debris or pollutants being visible in your living spaces, the presence of pests such as rats and cockroaches, we recommend you have your home undergo a duct cleaning session immediately. 

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