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Are you dealing with excessive pet hair in your home? Simply dusting off the fur particles won’t help in getting rid of them. We have a solution for you for permanent removal.

Pet dander is made up of specks of the skin shed by dogs, birds, cats and all other pets with feathers or fur. Due to their small size, these allergens easily stick to fabrics, furniture, beddings, and many other items in your home.

For most of us, our pets are also key members of the family. Although we adore our pets, the constant hovering and shedding may become a day to day nuisance, especially to people with allergies. This pet dander circulating in your home may affect the health of your family and it’s important to have a system in place for permanent removal of excessive pet hair.

How Pet Fur Particles Affect our Health

For people with asthma and allergies triggered by pet allergens, constantly breathing in small pet hair particles can make their respiratory system even worse. Despite the sensitivity level varying from person to person, persons who encounter reactions have signs like; sneezing, rashes, congestion, runny nose, and watery or itchy eyes.   

How You Can Combat Pet Dander

Yes, you love your pets, but your family’s health should come first. Here are a some methods on how you can reduce pet allergens in your home.

  1. Dust the surface with a steamy cloth to pull out and trap dander and dust.
  2. Vacuum furniture, curtains, and carpets once a week to prevent the accumulation of dander, hair, and fur.
  3. Avoid fabric-covered kinds of stuff like rugs, carpets, furniture, cloth drapes, and other cushioning households’ fit-outs that accumulates dander.
  4. Always keep the cat’s toilet far away from the air vents.
  5. Bathe your pets regularly and scrub them outdoor to stop the spreading of dander in your home.
  6. Make sure to consistently have your air ducts cleaned properly and change the air filters.
  7. Schedule in duct cleaning sessions every 2-3 years. Having a professional thoroughly clean ducts will make a world of a difference over

Tips to Reduce Pets’ Dander in your Home

Are you aware that the air in your home alongside the galling pet allergens frequently circulates through the air ducts and the HVAC system multiple times each day? During the course of the circulation process, the airborne contaminants and the allergens can settle within the air ducts. It’s virtually impossible to eliminate pet dander from your home but one can significantly minimize the chances of pet hair accumulation by conducting proper air duct cleaning.

Here are some tips to keep your home clean if you have pets:

1. Keeping your ducts clean

Pet dander is the microscopic particles of skin which animals with feathers and fur shed. This dander is a severe problem for people who are allergic. After one inhales these skin particles, the body can either respond through wheezing, sneezing, coughing, or develop runny or stuffy nose. Extended subjection to pet dander may cause chronic bronchitis and other respiratory disorder.

Pet dander removal and air duct cleaning go together. After airborne contaminants get stuck within the air duct, they get stimulated and diffuse through the home when the HVAC system is on. Always make sure to inspect the air ducts for pet debris, hair, dust. Though professional duct cleaning is recommended every 3-5 years, it should be done more often (2-3 years) if you have pets in your home.

2. Keeping your outdoor unit clean and protected

When pets roam around the backyard, one cannot always keep looking after them. If your pets stain the units, they can contaminate them with dander or urine. You can decide to choose a small fence that does not obstruct the airflow. You would not want animal urine to spoil the coils and the fins. Keep the fence safe from segments and your pet’s curiosity.

3. Keeping your pets groomed 

When your pet’s fur is trimmed and clean, your home indoors stays clean. This also reduces fur in the ducts and the filters. Brush your pet regularly to minimize their hair loss. This promotes a healthy and clean coat for the pets.

4. Keeping your carpets clean

 Carpet cleaning is not just about smartness; it’s also an essential activity to improve and assess your home air quality. Airborne contaminants can reside in your carpets and cause a worsening of asthma, respiratory illness, and allergens. Some signs of highly polluted indoor air are residents having flu-like symptoms, headache, dizziness, nausea, nose and throat, coughing, and dryness of eyes. To reduce these effects, maintain the carpets and your HVAC system.

5. Keeping your filters clean

When changing the filter, it is important to consider the type of filter you used, the area using your air conditioner, and the presence of the pets. If you have pets in your home, air filters should be checked after every 30-60 days.

Always check the cleanliness of your filters every 30 days, and change the filters consistently if needed. Choose a better duct cleaning firm to help you fight the effect of pet dander and hair in your home’s HVAC system.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

1. Removal of unpleasant odors and lousy smell

Paints fumes, pets, household agents, tobacco use, and food preparation contributes to the musty smell in the air ducts. Whenever the furnace or the air conditioner is running, the odors frequently flow around the home. Accumulation of dust and dirt over the years can also lead to a musty smell from your ductwork. A thorough duct cleaning session will help with the removal of these odors trapped within your ductwork.

2. Protection against rodents and insects

Your HVAC system can become a comfortable place for a host of insects, pests, and rodents. Regular duct cleaning reduces the infestations of insects and rodents. Some insects spread diseases and different types of allergens. So it’s important to have your ducts routinely cleaned every 3-5 years at the minimum.

3. Duct cleaning improves the efficiency of the airflow

Register and duct cleaning, which have a massive development of grime and dust, can restrict the air from the air conditioner or from the furnace from flowing. These make it harder for cooling and heating system to work in homes, resulting in low efficiency compared to the clean ducts. These provide the most cost-effective performances and operate at a high peak. When there is an efficiency increase in the air conditioner, there is an increase in airflow through the AC ducting system.

4. Increases the life of the HVAC system

Most of our homes’ air conditioners and heating systems fail due to the accumulation of dust and pollutants. Regular duct cleaning can help in eliminating these problems before they escalate over a period. Regularly duct cleaning is one of the surest methods to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner and the heating system.

5. Duct cleaning eliminates allergens

If any member of your family is allergic to dust, duct cleaning can provide relief as it helps in reducing the severity of symptoms like running nose, coughing, and sneezing. Every time you blow your nose, cough, or sneeze, harmful particles get circulated throughout the rest of the home through the return ducts, making it easy for allergies to spread faster across the entire family. An entire duct cleaning gets rid of allergens and prevents them from accumulating in your home. Entire Duct Cleaning helps to eliminate the growth of mold spores and other forms of allergens causing respiratory complications to allergic people. Keeping your air duct clean saves you money that would otherwise be used to seek medical treatments for allergies and respiratory disorders.

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