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Wondering how you can you lower your utility bill? In this article we’ll be going over the various tips you can use to lower your electricity bills, with one of them being a simple duct cleaning session. Did you know that clean ducts lower the stress on your HVAC system to perform, and thus, lower your utility bills?

is duct cleaning worth itAt Entire Duct Cleaning, we can help! We provide top-notch duct cleaning services to your home to ensure that your indoor living environment is clean for you and your family. The services we provide include dryer cleaning, furnace cleaning, exhaust vent cleaning, and air duct cleaning. Our services are available to all our customers living in the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding cities including, Pickering Ajax, Richmond Hill, North York, Vaughan, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, and Scarborough.

Most of our New Year commitments are on a diet, exercise, and money-saving. But what about improved health via a cleaner living space? We focus a lot on spring cleaning each year but only limit it to dusting the surfaces. What about the dirt stuck deep in your ductwork? If you want to save money, you may start by looking at your utility bill as one of the ways to slash your costs. Families can cut the energy bills by as much as 20% or 30% through practicing proper maintenance of equipment.

How Air Duct Cleaning Helps You Save Money By Lowering Utility Bills

Many of our daily activities in our homes may contaminate the air with invisible pollutants like dander, chemicals, and dust. The cooling and heating systems function more like the lungs of a building, by circulating the air within the home. In due course, this re-circulation may cause the build-up of contaminants inside the ductwork. When your HVAC system is dirty, especially the coils, they use up to 30% more energy to cool and heat the home. Dirty filters also block the airflow throughout the system, making it consume more energy to achieve the required temperature. When conducting duct cleaning, the technician cleaning your home will clean all sections of your ductwork including the heat exchangers, registers, heating and cooling coils, diffusers and grilles, fans, and the housing motor, drip pans, drains, and the air ducts.

Air duct cleaning will spot areas where the ducts could have been inappropriately sealed and unsealed, which allows environmental dust, toxins, pollen, and allergens to find their way to your living spaces. Such dirt may overwork your HVAC system. Upon entire duct cleaning, your HVAC begins to function efficiently, and your utility cost goes down due to the reduced consumption of energy. Also, you will benefit from having a faster, flexible, and a fully functional HVAC system that maintains steady temperature within your home.

Tips to Keep Your Energy Bills Low

If you are looking for some ways to save money due to your energy cost, consider periodic maintenance of your HVAC system and duct cleaning. Having your duct inspected should be a part of your regular maintenance services.

Some parts of the HVAC system that Entire Duct Cleaning checks and cleans during the cleaning process are as follows:

1. Diagnosing the leaks of the refrigerants

This helps to identify any leakages on your refrigerants. In case of any leaks, repairs are done accordingly.

2. Inspecting and cleaning the coils

When your coils are dirty, they may cause pressure on your HVAC system, and this may increase the consumption of energy required. This can also restrict the airflow, making your HVAC system have to consume more energy to maintain the required airflow in your home.

3. Inspecting your thermostat

A worn out and older thermostat can cause several problems and malfunctions to your HVAC system. Having your air ducts cleaned thoroughly will allow your system to circulate more efficiently through removing debris from the sensitive mechanical components. Clean systems tend to have a prolonged lifespan and can operate more effectively compared to infected systems, and all of this leads to lowering your utility bills.

Duct Cleaning Process

The most practical way of cleaning your ventilation system and air ducts is by removing built-up debris and dirt. This process needs a professional duct cleaning technician to put the system under negative pressure by using a specialized and powerful vacuum. When the vacuum draws air into the system, air whips, compressed air nozzles, and brushes are pressed to the air ducts to withdraw any debris stuck into the interior surface. Waste moves through the air duct into the vacuum, which in turn removes it from the system and the homes. This leads to fresher, cleaner air, and a more efficient system, leading to the lowering of utility bills.

Duct cleaning is the current best available solution to remove dust from your home. A duct cleaning process is a push-pull approach that utilizes a powerful vacuum—compressed air and physical agitation devices to breakdown debris and propels them through the ductwork. The use of a powerful vacuum gets rid of loose dust particles in the HVAC system.

The following are the specific steps involved in a duct cleaning session:

  1. First, the supply of the HVAC air duct system alongside the return side is zoned to allow technicians to clean them individually. To achieve this, it’s advisable to use zone bags.
  2. A hole is then made into the supply line to allow access to the supply side. We then attach the vacuum using a connection collar. Next, the vacuum is turned from the outside.
  3. All supply registers are then sealed off to optimize the negative pressure. At this stage, we clean every duct at a time using this procedure. The supply duct should be cleaned using a professional viper whip system, which may be laid down inside any vent. Such a process disrupts and removes any debris and dust occupying the major trunk lines.
  4. After all the supply branches are cleaned, the main trunk alongside the plenum drop should be cleaned using the vacuum with high compressed air pressure and whipping tools.
  5. Once the systems’ supply side is clean, we focus on cleaning the systems’ return side. The same procedure is repeated for the cut on the access hole and the supply line. The vacuum is connected using the connection collar and turned on.
  6. The entire set of return ducts is then cleaned using a viper whip system that is laid down 20 plus feet inside each vent. Such a procedure disrupts and dislodges debris and dust into the primary trunk lines.
  7. Once all ductwork, including the primary trunk lines, are cleaned, the ductwork is sanitized or sterilized.
  8. The furnace is air-lifted alongside the other components, including the blower motor and squirrel cage.
  9. Immediately the whole air duct is cleaned, the access holes are then crossed up using high-quality sheet metals to seal off any leaks and make the duct system access easy in future duct cleaning.
  10. Finally, an inspection is conducted to ensure everything is cleaned before leaving your home.

Situations Where Duct Cleaning is Required

The following are the main situations that may necessitate more frequent duct cleaning:

1. Pets 

Persons owning different pets should consider duct cleaning every 2-3 years. This more frequent cleaing requirement is due to pet hair, and dander that often collects around your ductwork. This causes clogging of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC). Such clogging causes your home’s HVAC system to consume more energy to run, thus raising the energy cost. Pets usually shed hairs frequently, and if you have more than one pet, then you should consider conducting frequent duct cleaning. Also, pets hair accumulated around your ductwork can attract bacteria alongside other debris that ultimately get pushed into your living space, causing respiratory complications to your family.

2. Excessive carpeting

Carpets are often used in homes due to their aesthetic value and ability to reduce noise pollution. Higher levels of allergens from homes, pets, dust, and fungi may reside in carpets compared to smooth floors. Excessive carpeting is also associated with increased exposure to allergens associated with dust mites. Lavish carpeting is also associated with microorganisms and dust deposits compared to non-carpeted surfaces. Regular duct cleaning for homes with lavish carpeting can significantly reduce the levels of ergosterol (cell-wall mold components) and allergens trapped in carpets.

3. Rental property

When living in a rental property, it’s essential to perform duct cleaning regularly for the health and safety of your family. The more tenants a rental property has, the higher the chances of air pollution, hence the need to clean your ducts frequently. There are more chances of the spread of dirt and dust particles in multiple building complexes due to the higher number of HVAC systems through which pollutants may get into the living space. Dust in rental properties may cause airborne allergies and respiratory complications to the tenants. This may cause tenants to vacate your premises or even provide an excuse for not paying rents. Regular duct cleaning ensures that tenants are comfortable. It also reduces the cost related to HVAC maintenance and repairs that may be attributed to dust accumulation. If you’re the landlord, you should have this done as a courtesy to your tenants. If you’re a tenant, you can request your landlord to cover costs for a duct cleaning session.

4. When moving into a new home

Ensuring that your home is spotlessly clean is one of the main things to consider when moving into a new home. Most people only concentrate on cleaning the floors neglecting the air conditioners and the ductwork. An entire duct cleaning before moving into a new home improves the efficiency of your home’s air conditioner, saving you incurring high energy bills.

5. Recently renovated homes

Homes renovation release all sorts of particles into the air, including insulation fibers, drywall, sawdust, and fumes. Duct cleaning is usually necessary after home renovations, as this will get rid of all dust particles.

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