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Condos have become a really popular residential choice for individuals, as well as families. With numerous condo buildings all over Toronto and the GTA today, they’re becoming a popular residential choice. But this also means they have a large amount of footfall with tenants rotating. So it’s very easy for condo components to become dirty, including the ductwork.

condo duct cleaningTentants rotating out can leave traces of their presence such as dirt, debris, pet hair, and other contaminants which can easily end up in the HVAC system. This warrants cleaning services like duct cleaning to help maintain good indoor air quality.

At Entire Duct Cleaning, we specialize in providing duct cleaning for condos in addition to homes and commercial spaces. Our team of trained and highly skilled professionals will ensure a thorough cleaning of your condo’s duct system, leading to pollutant and allergen free, clean indoor air.

Is duct cleaning necessary?

There are various situations wherein duct cleaning is absolutely necessary:

  • Animal Infestation: If you see any trace of animal infestation or nesting in the ducts, you should quickly have the animals removed and your ductwork and HVAC unit cleaned.
  • Renovation: If your condo has recently been remodeled or painted, there is a high chance of the presence of dust, asbestos or lead paint, which leads to your ducts requiring a good cleaning.
  • Contaminants and Build Up: If you notice there’s a build up of dirt and contaminants in or around your ductwork, you should hire a team of professionals to look into it right away.
  • Odors: Do you notice the presence of strong odours in your condo that won’t go away even after cleaning your surroundings? They may be coming from inside your ductwork.
  • Time: If it’s been a few years since your last duct cleaning session, it may be time for your next session.
  • Illness: If you or others residing in your condo have been suffering from allergies or an illness and every possible step has been taken to ensure the cleanliness of the condo, you may want to consider having your ductwork cleaned.

Why is duct cleaning necessary for condos?

Condos can have tenants frequently rotating out at the end of their lease. With frequent change in residents occupying the unit, contaminants like dirt, debris can be introduced to the unit and easily get caught up in the HVAC system. These contaminants then rotate around the unit multiple times a day. This can reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system, worsen health problems, lead to a dirty place with increased dust, result in odours and contribute to overall bad quality of indoor air. Condo duct cleaning is necessary to eliminate all these hazards and ensure a clean and healthy living environment.

Benefits of duct cleaning

Regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning conducted by professionals leads to improvements and benefits to the condominium structure. Some of the effects you can look forward to after a thorough cleaning are:

  • Increased HVAC efficiency: Duct cleaning results in your HVAC system performing to full capacity, which means you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on your HVAC system because it works the way it should.
  • Reduced risk of health problems due to the presence of pollutants and allergens in the ductwork.
  • Cleaner condos and cleaner spaces which means you will be able to present your spaces well to prospective occupants or buyers.
  • Better indoor air quality means fewer health problems for tenants.

How often do condos need duct cleaning?

It’s important that residents or landlords clean and maintain their air ducts atleast once every 3-5 years. Certain factors can lead to duct cleaning being required more frequently such as the presence of pets, a lot of carpeting, smoking etc. If there is presence of any such factors, you should have your ductwork cleaned every 2-3 years. If you’re confused on whether you require a duct cleaning session, ask the experts! Call us at (416) 278-7661 for a free duct cleaning quote.

At Entire Duct Cleaning we’re always striving to give our customers the best experience. We’re here to answer all your queries regarding our duct cleaning services. If you live in Toronto + GTA or any of the cities falling within a 50 km radius of Toronto and require duct cleaning for your condo, home or commercial space, contact us today at (416) 278-7661 for more information or fill the quote request form below.

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