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Wondering what the duct cleaning process entails? And whether you can attempt to do it yourself? In this article we’ll be looking at the steps duct cleaning requires and the dangers of DIY duct cleaning. 

duct cleaning processWe at Entire Duct Cleaning are a reliable duct cleaning company providing services in Toronto and all surrounding cities located within a 50 km radius of Toronto, including Scarborough, North York, Ajax, Pickering, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. 

We provide duct cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties to help get rid of pollutants such as bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and smoke. Most importantly, our duct cleaning services come with no hookup or hidden charges, and we provide herbal sanitizing services. The services we offer include dryer vent cleaning, exhaust vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, and furnace cleaning. Our philosophy is to continuously provide our clients with cleaner indoor air quality solutions at affordable rates, so that you and you and your family live in a healthy and clean environment. 

Your health depends on the quality of the air you inhale in your home. On average, an adult consumes approximately 11,000 liters of air daily, with children consuming an even greater volume of air. It’s been established in various studies that the level of indoor air pollutants are usually two to five times more than outdoor levels. Consequently, this ranks indoor air pollutants among the top five environmental risks to public health. This is because the air you breathe in your home directly affects your respiratory system. Your home’s air ducts are the most likely places where construction debris, dust, animal hair, and other types of allergens accumulate. Therefore, failure to regularly and thoroughly clean your air ducts makes allergens circulate throughout your living spaces, causing health problems to you and your family, particularly those with allergies and children.

In the sections below, we provide you with our 8-step duct cleaning process. We also highlight the dangers of cleaning ducts yourself and the benefits of allowing us to clean your ducts for you.

Duct Cleaning Procedure

Here at Entire Duct cleaning, we incorporate cleaning your air filters, air conditioning coil, and furnace fan as part of our services. Some duct cleaning companies can charge high fees for such services, and this makes some homeowners omit cleaning some of these items if they feel the charges are too high. Our cleaners are highly trained in taking every precaution when cleaning your home, and they all follow the full duct cleaning procedure highlighted below.

Step 1: Preliminary Inspection of the Air Duct System and Furnace

Once you contact us to provide duct cleaning services, our technicians arrive at your premises at the agreed time and conduct a preliminary inspection of your house. The inspection helps to determine the most convenient route to lay down a large vacuum hose from our truck-mounted vacuum equipment. In most cases, our large vacuum hose is run to the furnace through a basement window.

Step 2: Preparation of Access Openings 

Our technicians prepare access openings and then connect the vacuum hose directly into the primary duct system. Next, the duct system is sealed off between cold air and hot air, and all air openings are covered to optimize the efficiency of our powerful vacuum.

Step 3: Putting on Protective Gear and Cleaning All Air Vents 

As a standard procedure, our professional cleaners must have protective gear on when cleaning ducts. Our technicians put on protective cleaning gear, which includes safety glasses, dust masks, and hearing protection devices. Next, all air supply ducts are thoroughly cleaned up using compressed air at 250psi.

Step 4: Cleaning All Heating Vents

All heating vents are cleaned using the same process as the one used for air ducts. Once this is complete, the vacuum hose is switched over to the return air ducts, and grilles are thoroughly cleaned. Our technicians usually commence with the vents at the furthest end, those located particularly in the top floor, and work downward to those located in the basement.

Step 5: Cleaning Out Debris Stuck in Air Vents or Connecting Pipes 

Once all air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned, our cleaners focus on the duct system and use various techniques such as reverse air nozzle or air whips (also known as air snake or skipper) and air guns. The process begins at the end of the furthest end of the duct system. All debris stuck within connecting pipes and air openings is then cleaned out of the primary ducts.

Step 6: Removal of Caked-on Dirt From Ducts’ Internal Services

Our technicians use scorpion rods or air whips inserted into the ductwork through one-inch vents that are created in strategic locations across the duct system. By using these devices, it is possible to scrub the interior of the duct system, and this loosens caked-on dirt from these surfaces. Next, our cleaners use the air snake to blow all the dust and other heavy dirt residue back via the vacuum hose.

Step 7: Cleaning All Air Handling System Components 

All air handling system components are cleaned, including air conditioning coil, furnace filter, and fan and all compartments and plenums are cleaned. Next, all-access vents are sealed, and a test cycle is run to ensure your furnace is operating properly.

Step 8: Returning of Hose Back to Our Truck and Securing All Entry Points to Your House

When the duct cleaning process is completed, the last thing to do is to secure all entry points that were created to gain access to your main duct system. Our cleaners perform the final touches by wiping down your furnace and the interiors of your doors. They also reinstall any filters and conduct a thorough inspection of the entire operation to ensure everything has been done perfectly. Finally, the operational area is carefully cleaned, and we provide you with our company’s sticker containing all the relevant information that you require.

Dangers of Cleaning Ducts Yourself

From the process outlined above, it is evident that duct cleaning is not an easy process. Therefore, undertaking this process on your own may not guarantee the best results, as you won’t have all the necessary equipment and expertise required for complicated steps such as applying chemical biocide inside air ducts to destroy harmful bacteria and other forms of allergens. A mistake in applying such air duct cleaners may adversely affect you and your family. Also, you may not have the necessary safety gear to conduct a thorough duct cleaning procedure, and this may be a health risk. You may also not know the right cleaning products to use for your house, as only professional duct cleaners understand the ones appropriate for residential cleaning. Attempting DIY duct cleaning may also result in injuries. It is for these reasons that it is highly recommended to consider hiring a professional company like Entire Duct Cleaning to clean your ducts.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Clean Your Ducts

The following are the main benefits of hiring professional duct cleaners to clean your ducts to ensure the job is done right so you can avail all of the benefits that come with a duct cleaning session.

  1. Professional Duct Cleaning Increases Your Furnace Life and Lowers Your Energy Bills. 

Professional duct cleaners ensure that all debris and dirt are removed from your ducts, thus ensuring there is efficient distribution of heat in your house. Consequently, this minimizes your heating costs and ultimately saves you money.

  1. Duct Cleaning Helps in Preventing House Fires 

The furnace of your house can adversely be affected by dirty ducts. For instance, dirty ducts can lead to clogged dryer vents, which is the main cause of home fires. It’s important to have professional duct cleaners attend to your ducts, as they clean and maintain all the filters and ducts, thus reducing related fire risks. Therefore, clean ducts mitigate the risk of losing your home or even family due to fire.  

  1. Reduces the Risk of Developing Allergic Symptoms and Asthma

Inhaling contaminated air can cause breathing problems and various allergies, including red eyes and itchy skin. Dirty ducts are the breeding zones for fungus, mold, viruses, and bacteria, and these allergens form part of the air you breathe. Therefore, hiring a professional duct cleaner every 3-4 years is usually recommended to ensure that such harmful contaminants are removed from your home. Besides providing thorough duct cleaning services, Entire Duct Cleaning disinfects and sanitizes your ductwork systems, and this ensures that all these allergens are destroyed, thus ensuring improved air quality for you and your family.

Your health and that of your family is critical, and that’s why you should not take chances by cleaning your ducts on your own. It is worth noting that the quality of duct cleaning services depends on the staff’s expertise and the efficiency of the equipment used by the cleaning company. Our crew is professionally trained and equipped with modern tools for the inspection, cleaning, and disinfection of your home’s ductwork safely and efficiently. Contact us today at (416) 278-7661 to get the best duct cleaning services at affordable prices.

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